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Le Boat Videos

Le Boat invites you to experience southern France in the most personal way, a self-drive boating holiday. Check out some great videos below.

Video 1: The Great Canals of Europe
Experience the beauty of Europe from a uniquely different perspective... from the comfort of your sundeck on your Europen canal cruising holiday. Cruise the stunning lakes, rivers and canals of your chosen destination and soak up the wonderful culture of the surrounding countryside and villages.
Video 2: Le Boat Featured On Daytime
Cruise along with Lindsay MacDonald from Daytime as she discovers the charms of the Canal Du Midi with Le Boat.
Video 3: Cruise the Canal Du Midi
To view some more beautiful scenes of the Canal Du Midi (listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site), check out the video below.

New to Cruising

Is it hard to drive a boat ?
No, in fact it’s surprisingly easy – it steers with a wheel just like a car, and a single level controls speed both forward and backwards. Our boats are specifically designed for easy, relaxed cruising, so are very manoeuvrable, very steady and comfortable.

Cruising always happens at slow speeds, at around 3-4 knots (a brisk walking pace) so there is plenty of time to manoeuvre, whilst watching the world slip by. Boats don’t have brakes so you simply allow time for the boat to glide to a halt, or use reverse gear if needed.

We have created an exclusive DVD specifically to help newcomers understand how easy it is to enjoy a cruising holiday. Clips from the DVD will be coming soon to the website.

How much instruction will I be given ?

As much as you need. If you are an experienced cruiser, our base teams will quickly familiarise you with your chosen boats features and controls and away you go. If you are a newcomer or slightly nervous we will stay with you until you are confidently manoeuvring the boat, steering, controlling your speed and able to approach locks or moorings with confidence. It really is very easy.
What is it like living on board?

Very comfortable. Our range of boats can cater for small groups of 2 right up to 10 or more. All of the creature comforts you would expect of a holiday home are provided, fully equipped galleys (that’s nautical for kitchen!) hot and cold running water, TV’s, lounges, en-suite showers and WC’s – we even have air conditioning on some of our more modern boats. There are a few specifics you need to be aware of, for example running your engine charges your batteries (the batteries power the lights, TV stereo etc) and heats the water for you, but it is really very straightforward

Will the boat be rocking on the water ?
No. We only cruise on canals and sheltered waters. Even on the windiest days on the larger lakes of Ireland, our boats are so big and stable, you won’t feel uncomfortable.

I’ve done some sailing before, is it like living on a yacht ?
Yes and no. You get the excitement of exploring a new region, at your own time and agenda, with complete freedom and flexibility, but you don’t have the stress of worrying about the wind, waves, navigation, sails and tides. You will also be amazed at how much space is available both above and below decks

Do I need a license to cruise ?
Generally speaking no. The induction you receive on arrival at our base, is sufficient for most of our cruising areas, but a few areas do require a formal license. These areas are clearly marked in our brochures, websites or our sales team will help you choose.

When to go ?
Make the most of the long March - October cruising season and see more of Europe at times that suit you best. Whether you’re looking for an early Spring break to the tulip fields of Holland, a two week holiday cruising the Canal du Midi or an end of season jaunt to Venice for the last of the summer sunshine - we can help you cruise whenever you choose!

One way cruising or return to base ?
The beauty of our holidays is that you tailor-make your own holiday. We provide suggested cruising itineraries for each region but you have the freedom to set your own pace of life. A one-way cruise is perfect if you want to cover a lot of ground and see as much as possible, or choose a return-to-base if you prefer to linger and explore the towns and villages en route - that way you won’t miss a thing!

One week or two ? Long weekends or long stays ?
Short breaks are increasingly popular as more and more people take advantage of cheap airfares to get away for long weekends. Or why not use your boat as a longer-term alternative to hotels and villas and get to see more of the area you are in. Many people hire our boats for a month or more, especially if they are propertyhunting in an area, so call the sales team early to secure the boat and dates of your choice.

Choosing the right boat...

  • Great choice & style. With the largest fleet on the waterways at your disposal, you can be sure that whichever boat you choose, you will enjoy a comfortable homefrom-home for your holiday. Light and spacious interiors, roomy cabins and plenty of headroom are common features and you will find the cabins and saloon/living area are tastefully furnished and decorated.
  • How many cabins? If you don’t want people to sleep in the saloon choose a boat that has enough cabins to sleep everyone. An extra cabin is ideal for storing luggage. Our fleet has a new rating system to help you decide which boat best suits your party size and budget. Our boats are now classified according to the number of people they can comfortably sleep – see pages 50-74 for more details.
  • Bow thrusters. Bow thrusters make manoeuvring your boat very easy – simply press a button and watch the boat glide in!
  • Cruising with children? Boats with sliding roofs are great for smaller children as they can stay within the confines of the boat. Our ‘Dancing Range’ of boats – the Salsa, Calypso and Tango models also have patio doors opening off the saloon area which make them ideal for family cruising.
  • Heating & Cooling. Choose boats with fans and cabin-cooling systems if you are travelling in the warm summer months. All our boats have heating if you are travelling early or late in the season.
  • Sundecks. Sundecks make for perfect alfresco dining, while sliding roofs allow you to cruise in the sunshine from the comfort of your saloon area. Dual steering positions allow you to cruise from either the saloon or the upper deck – useful in case it rains.
Holiday with Kids- Cruising with kids - a new adventure every day

Fun for families of all ages, a boating holiday with children is a great way of combining activity and relaxation in a totally different kind of way.

Kids love the adventure of visiting new places each day – helping to decide where to go and what to do is all part of the fun. With fun parks, playgrounds, museums and outdoor swimming pools all along our routes, you can be sure of always having something up your sleeve to keep the kids amused, wherever you choose to cruise.

Family Booking Discount - Save up to 10% - Cruise in Brittany, Camargue, Germany & Ireland and save 5% if you have one child and 10% for two children. Offer valid all season except between 04/07/09 - 22/08/09 for children aged up to 18 years.

Look for the new family-friendly symbol next to our cruising suggestions, or use our new Cruising Companion to find out which routes customers think are good for families – you can add your own ideas when you get back too! If you need any further information, our sales teams will also be happy to help.

Cultural fun
Castle dungeons and medieval museums are perfect for bringing history lessons to life or why not find out how salt is made in the Camargue or discover the origins of cartoon strips in Angoûlème’s unique comic museum. England’s Royal Windsor Castle on the banks of the Thames is the place to see modern-day guards at work(also see our diary - A day in the life of a kid on the Thames), while the chocolate museums of Bruges tend to appeal to people of all ages!

Many waterside towns and villages come alive in a riot of colour and noise as summer carnivals and festivals take to the streets celebrating everything from prunes to music, providing sightseers with a magical glimpse into the region’s historic traditions.

Enjoy the outdoors
Why not hire a canoe or sailing boat for the day and swap the slow pace of waterways cruising for something slightly faster! Watersports facilities can be found on all the rivers and lakes in this brochure. Being so close to nature also provides a unique opportunity for children to chart the huge variety of birds and wildlife they will see on their travels. Don’t forget that children’s bikes and helmets are available at all our bases and make for great mini excursions along the towpaths.

If you’re looking for lock-free cruising and seaside fun, why not head to the beaches of the South of France and the Camargue where fantastic fun parks and lively beach resorts offer everything from pony rides to shrimping in the rock pools – as well of course as a chance to have a splash in the sea!

Happy families
For many families, going through locks is all part of the fun. Older children will love being 1st mate and having a responsible job to do. Tying knots and holding ropes is all part of the adventure – and once you’ve been through a lock, you’ll see they’re an easy and fun part of the holiday.

Of course, being together as a family without the benefits of modern-day entertainment provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy more traditional forms of entertainment. Board games, card games and charades are all great favourites and perfect for all ages; you’ll find these evenings together provide a source of happy holiday memories for years to come! (Please note - TVs and DVDs can also be hired from some of our bases if required).

Safety first
Safety of course is paramount and we recommend that children wear lifejackets at all times. Choose a boat that’s best for you and your children – our dancing range of boats (Salsa, Calypso and Tango) all have front sundecks that are accessible from the saloon and are perfect for younger children. Some boats have sliding roofs and these too are good for smaller children as they can be safely kept within the confines of the boat. Boats with flat roofs and larger sundecks are great for sunbathing and alfresco family get-togethers.

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